Chief Administrative Officer

County of Tulare
Job Description
Tulare County has a budget exceeding $1 billion dollars, with approximately 5,000 positions in 20 agencies and departments. The legislative body consists of a Board of Supervisors elected from five districts on a countywide basis. Under the direction of the Board of Supervisors, the County Administrative Officer is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the County, services as the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, and prepares the annual budget for the County. 
With a staff of 15 allocated positions, the County Administrative Office is responsible for the following: 
- Overseeing all County operations and functions assuring that Board poicies are carried out int he most efficient and cost effective manner. 
- Interpreting, recommending, and implmenting Board policies.
- Forcasting and formulating short and long range county plans through strategic planning and the annual budget. 
- Reviewing and monitoring County budgets, services, and programs. 
 - Overseeing preparation of recommendations in response to Federal/State legisslation. 
- Administering services contracts and agreements. 
The primary focus of the County Administrative Officer position is to provide centralized County administration, monitor, coordinate, and provide direction to the overall administrative activities of the County. Additionally, the CAO may assist in overseeing debt issuance, negotiating tax sharing agreements and providing oversight of the County investment programs. 
The ideal candidate:
- Exerience that demonstrates a full and complete understanding of County government operations, including, but not limited to, strategic planning, budgeting, and other administrative processes.
- Ability to monitor and direct a broad range of operations and programs with an emphasis on timely delivery of service. 
- Ability to collaborate and demonstrate effective communication with County departments, elected officials and elected Supervisors, professional staff, and other stakeholders to reach resolution.
- Experience and desire to develop, motivate, and supervise executives and managers. 
- Ability to analyze complex administrative problems, develop innovative solutions and alternatives, and present recommendations and implement approved solutions. 
- Ability to thinkg strategically and critically and recognize the issues associated with various stakeholders. 
- Desire to work in a dynamic setting and the ability to balance multiple priorities. 
- Ability to establish and maintain effective relationships, deliver public presentations, and communicate persuasively and effectively.
- Ability to negotiate agreements between differing stakholders.
- Ability to develop and implement countywide goals, objectives, policies, and priorities. 
- Political acumen to resolve conflict. 
Possession of a Bachelor's degree in accounting, public, business administration, or related field and five years of progressively responsible experience in local government administration, inlcuding supervisory responsibilities. 

Compensation and Benefits:
Salary Band: $175,000 - $215 Annual ** Plus flexible benefit allowance.
- Choice of medical plans with dental and vision benefits
- Two weeks vacation leave initially,w ith credit for prior public service.
- One week of management leave.
- Twelve days sick leave annually.
- Eleven paid holidays annually. 
- One personal holiday annually. 
- 1937 Act Reirement Plan, with PERS reciprocity.
- Life insurance - 200% of earnings up to $250,000
- Car Allowance
- Long term disability insurance
- Deferred compensation plan with County match of $1.00 for every $4.00 employee contributes up to a maximum of $1,500 County dollars per fiscal year. 
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