Sales and Administrative Assistant

McKellar Ranch Co., Inc.
Job Description
McKellar Ranch Co., Inc. is seeking a responsible, driven, detail oriented, organized, and professional person to act as a Sales and Administrative Assistant.
Company Values: As a company, we adhere to a high standard of values. As employees, we value loyalty, positive attitudes, fun, creativity, respect, teamwork, and passion.
Position: Sales and Administrative Assistant.
Hours: Full-time, 30-40 hours per week.
Compensation: Based on experience. Employee may choose to attend the Wedding MBA Conference in Las Vegas, all expenses paid. Medical and retirement benefits are also available upon 90 days of consecutive employment.
Position Description: As the Sales and Administrative Assistant this person will be responsible for supporting the Client Relations and Event Manager with all client relations and wedding and event logistics. In addition, this person will be responsible for working alongside the Client Relations and Event Manager to book weddings and events for which time and space is available. This position is highly administrative and will require working most weekends.
Responsibilities – Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
Sales and Client Relations
• Assist in providing coordinating services for all-inclusive clients.
• Be a secondary point of contact for client communication.
• Work alongside the Client Relations and Event Manager to achieve sales goals.
• Schedule 90-day and 30-day appointments with clients.
• Attend appointments and rehearsals for any all-inclusive clients.
• Attend all 30-day appointments with clients alongside Client Relations and Event Manager.
• Manage all client gifting. Communicate with the Property and Venue Manager when additional supplies are needed.
• Facilitate venue tours for prospective clients.
• Follow up with prospective clients, post-tour.
• Respond to all venue inquiries.
Clerical and Administrative
• Utilize Honeybook for all client communication, contracts and payments.
• Maintain individual digital and hardcopy files for each wedding and event. These files
should include contracts, receipts, layouts, etc.
• Work alongside the Client Relations and Event Manager to maintain an up-to-date
• Manage workflows.
• Maintain a call log.
• Manage 2 email accounts and phone lines while in office.
• Manage tour appointment availability on Calendly.
• Maintain a tracking record of all venue tours, booking, cancellations, etc.
• Place holds on the calendar as requested by prospective clients.
• Coordinate linen for each wedding and event and ensure a linen tracker has been
• Manager customer service experience feedback forms.
• Create layouts for all weddings and events.
• Create timelines for all-inclusive clients.
• Confirm vendor information for all weddings and events.
Weddings and Events Days
• Open the venue and act as venue representative on wedding and event days. This
position may be required to act as the evening venue representative on occasion
• Post to social media 3 times during weddings and events to show behind-the-scenes
footage or wedding details.
• Assist in acting as a coordinator for all-inclusive clients.
• Check to ensure each set up has been done accurately based on the layout provided.
• Set linens provided by the venue onto each table.
• Work alongside the Client Relations and Event Manager to plan and execute bridal
shows, special events and editorial shoots.
• Supervise employees and temp agency staff when Property and Venue Manager and
Client Relations and Event Manager are not present.
• Ensure all aspects of the venue are kept clean and organized at all times.
• Attend weekly and monthly staff meetings, in which sales updates will be provided.
• Communicate with the Property and Venue Manager regarding venue safety concerns,
as well as other areas of the property that need to be addressed.
• Ensure that the on-site venue office is always tour and client ready.
• Manage client and vendor hospitality projects.
• Adhere to ALL company values.
• Strong work ethic.
• Excellent time management skills.
• Excellent problem-solving skills.
• Excellent computer skills, including ability to work with Microsoft Office and Gmail.
• Ability to take initiative when starting a project or when something needs to be changed
• Excellent communication skills. This job requires working with multiple staff members,
clients and vendors. It is imperative that this person can communicate and relay
information well.
• Ability to change tasks quickly, if needed.
• Ability to work unsupervised as well as with a group of people.
• Professionalism when interacting with various employees, as well as guests on the
property. This includes wedding/event vendors and clients, Cottage guests, and farm
tours guests.
• Wedding/Special Event background preferred.
• Sales experience a plus!
• Must commit to working many weekends.
Physical Requirements
• Must be able to lift up to 50 pounds unassisted.
• Must be able to stand and sit for long periods of time.
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